I took elementary French I and II with Prof. Losq. The French program at Muhlenberg helped me appreciate the way we communicate through language. It didn’t only help me see a world outside my own but it helped me improve my English.



Elementary French II

I have always had a keen interest in the French language and culture prior to coming to Muhlenberg College. As I found myself enrolling in classes my sophomore year in college, I knew right away that my language requirement would be fulfilled by taking the provided Elementary French courses. I was not disappointed at all… the French language and culture is beautiful, and my interest in it has grown since. Professor Losq taught my class very effectively, with much passion for the French language. She is very helpful, and makes herself available to students right away. I would say that my knowledge of the language and culture has grown a vast amount from my first class at Muhlenberg to my last few classes this semester.  After taking two semesters of French, I feel that it is quite necessary for me to take a trip to France once the opportunity arises!

Elementary French II

Je ne parlais pas une langue avant j’allais à Muhlenberg College. En classe, j’apprenais parler un petit français. Il était amusement! J’aime lire français dunc, et j’ai heureuse parce que je parle un petite dans une langue. J’ai heureuse parce j’ai une classe français.

Beginner Level French

I was unsure at first about what language I wanted to take at Muhlenberg College. When I signed up for Elementary French 1 I did not know what to expect.  I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.  The fast pace was a little overwhelming for about a week, then I realized just how much it was making me learn.  At that point it didn’t even seem like work anymore, it was fun.  I took Elementary French 2 without hesitating.  I am very glad I decided to take french here at Muhlenberg College.  

- Kurt

The French Department at Muhlenberg is amazing! In high school I had taken Italian for four years but I knew coming into college that I wanted to take French as my language requirement.  Though French is very different from Italian, my professor made the transition very smooth and relaxed for myself and my classmates.  I’m currently in French 102 and love it.  Though the course material is somewhat difficult for me the professor and the rest of the students in my class all go over every aspect in detail until everyone in the class seems to understand what is going on.  Since taking the course, I feel a lot better about the language and I’m pretty confident that if someone were to start speaking in french to me i’d be able to understand what he/she was talking about and how to communicate with him/her.


Mon Année de Français

I had never taken a French class before last August when I entered the French 101 class at Muhlenberg taught by Professor Losq.  I took German for four years in high school, but the only German I remember is an array of curse words and slang (not very helpful for academic work).  I was really, really nervous to enter a French class at a college level, but excited at the same time to have any kind of literacy in any language besides English.  It was a struggle (and still is with an oral exam and the final quickly approaching), but I am so happy I decided to take French.  It has been such a rewarding experience in very surprising ways.  I find myself connecting my knowledge of French language and culture in my history courses and especially my English classes.  Because Paris and France in general was such a center for international culture earlier in the 20th century (and I suspect today as well), artists flocked there in droves.  Being an English major, I spend a lot of my time studying these writers and poets and they use SO MUCH French.  I can’t blame them: it’s a beautiful language.  One of the most exciting moments of this semester was reading a poem by Charles Olson that had a few lines in French and being able to apply my knowledge of the language and the construction of the grammar to comprehend what the poem was saying.  It was such an exciting moment!  As I will be studying abroad next spring in Amsterdam, I am glad that I have a general understanding of how other languages construct sentences through gender and grammar.  I hope that in learning French, I will be able to pick up Dutch easier because I have been practicing the skills needed to learn another language all year.  I am no where near what I would call “literate” in French, but it has been so rewarding to work at learning this language.  While I will not be continuing my language studies here and Muhlenberg, I hope to maintain the knowledge I have learned so I can continue to apply it to my other studies.  Thank you, Professor Losq, for your patience and instruction!

Chelsea Lockwood

French 102

Elementary French at Muhlenberg College

I am currently taking French Elementary 2 (102)with Professor Losq and had previously taken French elementary 1.  I have found the experience to be very helpful with learning not only the language, but the culture of France as well.  The class turned out to be more challenging than I had expected, but not in a negative way.  The challenges that Professor Losq had set up for the class were there to help us progress in our understanding of the language.  We spoke French as frequently as possible, we watched relevant videos surrounding current problems in France and the presidential election, and we wrote stories helping with our sentence structure and understanding.  All of these helped to make French 102 more than just a General Academic Requirement.  I truly enjoyed taking French this year, and I feel confident in what I was taught.  The learning environment was great, and it was fantastic that Professor Losq is a native French speaker, so you really learn the proper pronunciations for words and she has first hand experiences with French culture.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their liberal arts education.  If you are willing to put the effort in you will get a lot out of this class.  

French Made Fun!

Before going to Muhlenberg, I have never taken French in my life. I found my French 102 class to be challenging but not overwhelming.  I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Not only did I learn the language, but I learned a lot about french culture and politics in creative ways (I.e learning au bal masque through dance). Overall, it was a great course! :)

Matthew Jacobs’ Experience With Elementary 2 French

Even though it was a hard class I came out in the end with knowledge of french and the knowledge that I had the ability to learn another language.  FRENCH IS AWESOME!!!!


Starting French At Muhlenberg

I am a current Freshman and I am almost finished with my two classes of French here at Muhlenberg. When I arrived at Muhlenberg I started in Elementary French 1. Currently, I am enrolled in Elementary French 2.

The french department here at Muhlenberg is great and really only want the best for you. The staff for the french department is very friendly and just loves that you are trying to embrace their culture. 

During French class you do not just learn the language but you also get to find out about the culture in France. For example for Carnival, the french departemtn help a party on campus to celebrate with all students and show the students what carnival is really like. 

Overall the french department is “très bon”!! 

I absolutely LOVE the French Department at Muhlenberg! I knew that I wanted to be a French Major coming into college, but I couldn’t seem to find the right fit when I looked at other colleges in the area. I knew right away that Muhlenberg was the right place for me when I met the French professors and sat in on a few of their classes. I felt welcomed right away and I loved (and still do!) that the classes were small because you get lots of personal attention from your professors and you get to know everyone in your classes. I feel that the French Department has really prepared me for when I study abroad next year in Aix-en-Provence, France. Thanks to the French Department at Muhlenberg, I have really grown in my language skills and have become much more confident in French than I ever thought possible!